Ask the Cancer Coach

October 16, 2020 By Vogelzang Law Webmaster

Issue seven is our women’s issue, and it is an honor for me to talk about the amazing women who are battling cancer every day. I am inspired by the dedication, sacrifice, creativity, strength and love our women warriors embody. It encourages me to continue doing what I love as a cancer coach. Although statistics…

Lead Counsel Nicholas Vogelzang Discusses Mesothelioma Advocacy

June 13, 2018 By Vogelzang Law Webmaster

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International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma

March 8, 2018 By Vogelzang Law Webmaster

The Meso Foundation’s International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma is the Foundation’s annual conference geared to attendees from all walks of life, including patients and their families, advocates, medical professionals, and those who have lost loved ones to mesothelioma. The Symposium provides a setting for everyone in the mesothelioma community to come together and take part…

Vogelzang Law Announces New Office Space

February 27, 2018 By Vogelzang Law Webmaster

Chicago, IL – Vogelzang Law, a Chicago-based personal injury law firm dedicated to representing victims of mesothelioma throughout the United States, announced their new office space located at 401 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 350, Chicago, IL. The new larger and improved office space has excellent views, professional meeting rooms, a comfortable “think tank,” a memorial…

Vogelzang Law News

Illinois Masonic

March 27, 2017 By Vogelzang Law Webmaster

This was my third social, at my third hospital, and I had the same great experience. This time I went to Illinois Masonic. This hospital is near and dear to me because it is where I was taken about a year and a half ago when I was hit by a car – but that is the subject of another blog altogether.

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