From Lead Counsel: June 2022

from lead counsel

Hi everyone, I’m thrilled to be back writing to all of you after a long hiatus. I’ve personally been very busy since 2022 began. I was studying for the Florida bar exam which I took in February and was happy to get the news in April that I had passed. The fact that I took […]

From Lead Counsel: November 2021

Nick outside

Hello again everyone! I hope you had a happy Halloween and are looking forward to a great Thanksgiving. It has been a busy and fruitful November. We continue to see the judge regularly as we work hard on all of our many asbestos cases. We worked through five mesothelioma cases set for trial three weeks […]

From Lead Counsel: October 2021

from lead counsel

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great summer and are looking forward to a spectacular fall! The team here at Vogelzang Law is working harder than ever.  As is often the case, witnesses, clients and lawyers are all hard to nail down in the midst of a beautiful Chicago summer, and trial dates often get […]

From Lead Counsel: June 2021

from lead counsel

Hello again everyone! I hope you are enjoying your spring and have been able to keep your calendar organized. Here at VL, as we affectionately call the firm, we are experiencing a springtime surge of activity. Attorneys and staff are returning to the office, in-person client visits have begun again and our workload seems to […]

From Lead Counsel: May 2021

from lead counsel may

Happy May, everyone. Welcome to the beginning of life post-COVID. I am sure many of you have been vaccinated by now, and it is extremely exciting to see the city of Chicago beginning to bustle again. I am writing this from a plane as I travel to the Monterey Peninsula of California to visit a […]

Asbestos: A Hidden Burden

asbestos a hidden burden

As an attorney representing people with cancer due to asbestos exposure (primarily mesothelioma), I have seen families face stage IV cancer in an up-close and personal manner, watching them in the initial stages of diagnosis, through the treatment, and after the loss.   Mesothelioma usually isn’t detected until it’s in late stage, with initial symptoms like […]

From Lead Counsel: April 2021

from lead counsel april

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well and enjoying some version of a holiday. My family is staying close to home this year but it looks like we will be treated to warm temperatures by Midwest standards, so I cannot complain. Over this past month, our Vogelzang Law attorneys began traveling for work after […]

From Lead Counsel: February 2021

from lead counsel

February gives us all that first reminder that we will not be in winter forever. With the COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon and each day getting a little more sunlight, it seems like the worst is behind us. I still feel like we just came back from the holidays, and we have already been working […]

From Lead Counsel: January 2021

from lead counsel january

Happy New Year, everyone! My family and I traveled up to Michigan for a few days to enjoy the holiday break. Due to our son’s school attendance restrictions, we had to return home a little sooner than expected. The vibe was definitely different this year in comparison to any year I can remember. Nevertheless, my […]

From Lead Counsel: December 2020

from lead counsel

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, albeit one that may have been a little more reserved than usual. One week before Thanksgiving, my wife and I tested positive for COVID-19. Needless to say, we did not entertain this year. Our son tested positive as well, but thankfully he showed no symptoms. My wife and […]