April 17, 2019 By swarren

Chicago Tuesday Asbestos Call 4/2: Vogelzang Law Prepares for Trials

Chicago, IL (April 2, 2019) —

The Daley Center hosts an Asbestos Call every other Tuesday, which serves as the time and place to track the progress of a lawsuit in preparation for the trial date. The Vogelzang Law blog provides bi-weekly Asbestos Call updates.

At last week’s Asbestos Call, the Vogelzang Law team moved multiple cases forward, building momentum for 2019.

Attorney Michael Maienza represented Mr. Gus Straub, a United States Air Force veteran who worked as a maintenance worker and boiler engineer for large apartment and condominium buildings. Throughout his career, Mr. Straub experienced his alleged asbestos exposure while working with boilers, cooling towers, and other commercial materials such as valves and pumps. After receiving a sarcomatoid mesothelioma diagnosis, Mr. Straub passed away in June 2018.

At Tuesday’s call, Vogelzang Law had entered a motion to compel a representative from the boiler defendant. The defendant filed a motion to strike the motion to compel. This issue will be argued at the Asbestos Call on Tuesday, April 16. A trial date in the case is set for mid-June 2019.

Mr. Maienza will also represent James Thomas, who worked as an insulator with Chicago Local 17 and passed away from lung cancer. Throughout his career, Mr. Thomas frequently worked with and near pipe covering, pumps, and valves, where he experienced his alleged asbestos exposure.

On Tuesday, the Vogelzang Law team arranged multiple depositions in the Thomas case ahead of trial. Trial is scheduled for April 23, 2019.

The Vogelzang Law team continues to advocate for families across America who have been impacted by asbestos. Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive cancer linked to asbestos fibers, which are easily inhaled when working with asbestos materials. As a result, insulators, pipefitters, construction workers, mechanics, and more are among the most at-risk groups.