Dr. Vogelzang was recognized for his work in treating Genitourinary Cancers
June 7, 2018 By swarren

Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang Discusses Developments in Mesothelioma Treatment

Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang, long respected for his groundbreaking work in mesothelioma treatment, was inducted to the Giants of Cancer Care®  in a special ceremony at Adler Planetarium on May 31. This honor comes as recognition of Dr. Vogelzang’s revolutionary research and success treating genitourinary cancers including bladder and kidney cancer.

The award celebrates leaders in the field of cancer research and clinical trials, honoring those who have bolstered the development of new and innovative treatment methods for a variety of cancers. This year, members were inducted from 21 distinct categories.

Dr. Vogelzang was recognized for his work in treating Genitourinary Cancers, an effort which he said reflects the dedication of a large team over the past several decades.

We spoke with Dr. Vogelzang about his induction and his groundbreaking cancer research and some of the most common symptoms of mesothelioma. Watch more below:

Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang, Giants of Cancer Care® inductee, speaks on the common symptoms of mesothelioma and encouraging life-extending treatment results.

According to Dr. Vogelzang, the future is bright for mesothelioma patients. While clinical trials can be somewhat limited, new developments including vaccines and other immunotherapy are on the horizon. For patients hesitant to use chemotherapy, a variety of new treatment methods offer the freedom of choice.

In a continued effort to eradicate mesothelioma, Dr. Vogelzang is pushing pharmaceutical companies to accept mesothelioma patients for their vaccine project.