May 9, 2019 By swarren

Vogelzang Law Plaintiff Wins Forum Non Conveniens Fight & Stays in Cook County

Chicago, IL (May 8, 2019) —

In a major victory for a developing case, Vogelzang Law has won a forum non conveniens dispute in an upcoming case, allowing that case to be tried in Cook County. The firm represents Mr. Bruce Johnson, an Illinois resident and lifelong ceramicist diagnosed with mesothelioma in March 2017.

This victory comes after a lengthy dispute between the Plaintiff and Defendant regarding whether or not to transfer the case to DuPage County. The case has been pending in Cook County, where Mr. Johnson is currently receiving treatment for his mesothelioma. As such, the Plaintiffs stated that Cook County would be convenient for all parties.

Forum non conveniens allows a court to decline jurisdiction of a case — regardless of whether that Court has proper jurisdiction — if another forum would be more convenient for the parties and serve justice. In this case, the Defendant requested to move the case to DuPage County, citing the location of Mr. Johnson’s alleged asbestos exposures amid other concerns.

The team at Vogelzang Law successfully advocated for a Cook County trial on behalf of Mr. Johnson. As both the Plaintiffs and Defendant will have easy access to evidence, no change of forum is needed. Finally, maintaining jurisdiction in Cook County allows for a quick and efficient trial process, as Cook County typically sees a shorter length of time between filing and verdict than does DuPage County.

This represents a huge victory for Vogelzang Law and Mr. Johnson, who continues to receive treatment for his mesothelioma and can now look forward to a trial date in November.