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October 11, 2019 By marketing

Vogelzang Law Settles Two Asbestos-Related Cases for Over $2.4 Million

The trial team at Vogelzang Law successfully resolved two cases this week. The first one was a mesothelioma case exceeding a total of $1,244,000.00, and the other case was a lung cancer exceeding $1,193,000.00.

Attorney Michael Maienza represented the plaintiffs and their families in both cases.

Mr. Straub was a boiler mechanic for a handful of residential condominiums in the Atlantic City area. Throughout Mr. Straub’s career he maintained boilers and other equipment such as pumps, valves, steam traps, etc. Mr. Straub was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis performing his job duties and as a result of his work, he was diagnosed with mesotheliomas in 2018.

“Gus Straub was a fun loving husband and great father,” said Maienza. “He was a pleasure to work with and his family and friends miss him dearly. His life was unfairly taken away too soon as a result of a career’s worth of exposure to deadly asbestos dust.”

The second case resolved this week involved a careerlong Local 17 Heat and Frost insulator.

Mr. Thomas was a proud member of Local 17 and spent his entire career as a heat and frost insulator. Mr. Thomas spent his career at various locations such as steel mills, chemical plants, and various other industrial facilities. At these locations Mr. Thomas removed and installed various asbestos insulation material on a wide array of industrial materials such as coke ovens, blast furnaces, boilers, pumps, valves, etc. As a result of Mr. Thomas was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017 as a result of his career working with asbestos and history of smoking.

“Jim Thomas worked his entire career only to have his life cut short as a result of exposure to asbestos during his career,” said Maienza. “Jim left behind a loving wife, Beverly, two sons and numerous grandchildren.”