February 19, 2019 By swarren

Vogelzang Law Settles Two Mesothelioma Cases for $2 Million

Chicago, IL (February 19, 2019) —

The new year is off to an exciting start for the Vogelzang Law team and its clients, as the firm secured two major settlements totaling over $2,000,000 within a week. After much hard work, the firm successfully settled two cases, offering closure to the families after facing a challenging situation and securing major victories as the year begins.

In the first case settled last week, Attorney Michael Maienza represented Mr. Wilbur DeBolt, a mechanic who worked at the Kroger dairy in Missouri while living in Illinois for two decades starting in the 1970s. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma in May 2017. As a boiler engineer in the dairy, Mr. DeBolt worked closely with pumps, valves, and steam traps during his career. Unfortunately, Mr. DeBolt passed away in July 2018 after a hard-fought battle with mesothelioma. The settlement achieved by the Vogelzang Law team on Thursday, February 14 delivers justice and closure to the DeBolt family after a difficult medical diagnosis.

In another major victory last week, the Vogelzang Law team also achieved settlement on behalf of Mr. Ulrich Huemmerich, who pursued a career as an engineer after moving to the United States from Germany. Attorney Wyatt Berkover represented Mr. Huemmerich, who was diagnosed with biphasic mesothelioma in 2017 and passed away in early 2018. As a field engineer, Mr. Huemmerich worked primarily in the construction of equipment at various job sites, including many steel mills. During this work, he was in contact with a variety of asbestos products such as pumps, valves, and asbestos-containing panels used to build the equipment.

“Mr. Huemmerich and Mr. DeBolt were beloved by their families and were treasured members of their communities. It was an honor to represent these gentlemen and their families. They will be missed greatly,” Berkover said.

The firm was able to work closely with both the DeBolt and Huemmerich families throughout the litigation, and the team’s incredible hard work led Vogelzang Law to two strong victories that provide an excellent foundation for 2019.

“It was an honor to represent both of these gentlemen and their loved ones. We are proud to have such amazing clients and take the responsibility of representation very seriously. We are also thrilled to have achieved such an amazing result for two very deserving families,” said Lead Counsel Nicholas Vogelzang.

These cases represent much of the work that Vogelzang Law pursues. The firm continues to work diligently on behalf of hardworking individuals across the country who have been harmed by asbestos exposure.