Lead Counsel Nicholas Vogelzang
March 28, 2019 By Nicholas Vogelzang

From Lead Counsel: April 2019

Spring has finally arrived and the warm air and longer days have created a congenial atmosphere in our office. That congeniality is likely due in part to coming together and working hard to tackle several projects involved in mesothelioma cases. Our firm has had an amazing 60 days, seeing 4 mesothelioma cases through to their resolution after well over a year of work. These cases brought us to more towns than a Johnny Cash road tour, with depositions across the country in Piscataway, Muskegon, Pittsburgh, Boca Raton, Las Vegas, Chattanooga, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and many others. It was an exciting journey and satisfying to give our clients closure on a difficult chapter in their lives while watching our firm grow in the process.

Pushing four cases through the justice system required printing and filing thousands of pages of paper, hours of phone calls and scheduling, hundreds of hours reading and briefing legal issues, multiple hearings in front of an attentive judge, and the collaboration of attorneys and staff from both sides of the aisle. Every day I am reminded of the heavy responsibility of taking these cases on and the satisfaction of seeing them through.

In addition to working hard, we continue to participate in great causes outside of the office that give back to cancer research. This past month, we attended the Tickled Pink benefit raising money for women’s cancers. So far, they have raised over $2,000,000. The organization continues to inspire the next generation with philanthropy by throwing one of the hippest parties of the year.

Giving back to cancer research is woven into the fabric of our law firm. Last week we opened registration for our Meso Race for Justice on September 21, 2019. We hosted 70 runners at our inaugural run in 2018, and we are looking to double that number this year. We hope to double the amount of money we raise for the Mesothelioma Foundation as well.

Thank you for following us in our journey; please feel free to email us any questions or thoughts. I may even answer the question in our weekly “Ask VL” video session on Fridays. Also, make sure to sign up for the MRFJ run. If you’re my age, you can try to grab my first place title in the 40-45 age category!