Lead Counsel Nicholas Vogelzang
December 2, 2020 By Nicholas Vogelzang

From Lead Counsel: December 2020

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, albeit one that may have been a little more reserved than usual. One week before Thanksgiving, my wife and I tested positive for COVID-19. Needless to say, we did not entertain this year. Our son tested positive as well, but thankfully he showed no symptoms. My wife and I experienced relatively mild symptoms that lasted three or four days. Our Vogelzang Law team made up for my absence quite easily. The experience served as a testament to how quickly we have had to adjust on the fly these days.

We have been making great strides in our bankruptcy department this year. When a manufacturer of asbestos-containing products goes bankrupt, the court requires them to set funds aside into a trust for people who will battle asbestos-related diseases in the future. These bankrupt entities often employed our clients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and lung cancer. To ensure compensation for our clients, we apply to these trusts on their behalf. It sounds relatively simple, but it’s actually a complicated process. It involves several employees filling out applications and fixing deficiencies. If a loved one has passed, we also work with our clients by assisting their families in resolving personal trusts and estate issues. As our clientele has grown, so has our work with the bankrupt trusts. We are adding another attorney, Chloe Morrison, to this department.

As we approach the end of the year, we are taking stock of how we did and what we can do better next year. I am extremely proud of the progress the firm has made this year in the face of extreme adversity. We kept our doors open, settled cases, signed up new cases, and adjusted to working from home. Although it is an ongoing challenge, we are continuing to move forward.

I hope all of our readers enjoy this holiday season, despite the unexpected changes this year offered us. There will certainly be plenty of time for reflection and digging even deeper into the projects we started in March. Thanks for reading and following us. Hopefully, you will be seeing our firm on social media next year as we begin a new campaign and engage even more with our community. See you in January!