Lead Counsel Nicholas Vogelzang
March 9, 2021 By Nicholas Vogelzang

From Lead Counsel: March 2021

We have gotten over the hump here in Chicago and are looking forward to a bright spring. We dug ourselves out from underneath two feet of snow and watched it melt. We are also experiencing a drop in COVID-19 cases. It feels like things are looking up!

We are celebrating two very big wins for our clients Reinaldo Nunley and Steven Howe. Mr. Nunley, a Navy veteran, served our country for over 11 years. During that time, he was heavily exposed to asbestos gaskets, insulation and packing while overhauling ships. He served on the U.S.S. Sampson, U.S.S. Austin and U.S.S. Constellation, a series of destroyers, aircraft carriers and landing ships. Due to his hard work and commitment during the case, he was able to identify numerous manufacturers who created asbestos-containing materials that were on the ships he worked on. We were able to obtain a settlement for him of over $1 million. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with mesothelioma early last year and lost his battle with the disease in January.

Mr. Howe was also a Navy veteran. Although he never smoked, he was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. Like Mr. Nunley, Mr. Howe was able to identify several asbestos-containing products that he worked with during his time in the Navy. His case was up for trial around Valentine’s Day, just like Mr. Nunley’s. Since lung cancer can be caused by several factors including secondhand smoke, air pollutants and radon, lung cancer cases are not valued as highly as mesothelioma cases which can only be caused by asbestos. Mr. Howe’s case settled in the high six figures. He’s continuing to do relatively well as he fights his battle with cancer and we wish him well. It has been an honor to represent these two military veterans.

The first hints of spring also have us looking forward to working with our charity partners on a few golf outings. After a one-year hiatus, we are excited to get back into the swing of things. We are looking forward to Gilda’s Club Chicago’s virtual tasting event, Untapped. Proceeds from the event will benefit the organization. While our social schedule will still be limited this year, we are looking forward to seeing old friends and getting back to what we love.  

I hope everyone is hanging in there and is starting to get vaccinated. It is an exhilarating time to be alive and we owe it to those we lost due to this pandemic or mesothelioma, to enjoy every minute. We are continuing to increase our reach on social media and look forward to engaging with you on multiple platforms. Have a great March everyone!

~ Nicholas Vogelzang