September 9, 2019 By Nicholas Vogelzang

FROM LEAD COUNSEL: September 2019

As I write this, it is at the end of a very fun and busy Labor Day weekend. I was fortunate enough to be able to take the day off and spend Labor Day with my son swimming, golfing and playing catch. Usually Labor Day means back to school and one final weekend of enjoying Chicago outside, but it’s also a time to think about the people that the day celebrates, the janitor, the steelworker, the bricklayer, the pipe fitter; all the men and women who work a shift and agree to show up every day and put in physical effort for a paycheck. This is true labor at its core and hopefully most of those laborers got the day off. It’s also a reminder that a lot of those workers put their trust in their employers and in the manufacturers of the products they use in their job and that they won’t be harmed. If there is a risk of harm, then they should know about it. This is at the heart of what we do: help those that were in the labor force that weren’t told about the risk they were undergoing for a paycheck. It’s always a good reminder to myself and our team of why we strive every day for our clients.

As the summer comes to a close, Vogelzang Law is looking at an incredibly busy trial docket with several mesothelioma cases coming up for their day in court. Luckily most if not all of the cases will settle. However, settlement is never a guarantee, so each case must be prepared as though it is going to trial. This makes for a lively and boisterous office and a hectic fall, not that we would want it any other way. Fortunately all of our summer law clerks are staying on as part time employees during the school year giving us much needed legal minds on the task at hand.

One of our favorite events is coming up this month, our second annual Mesothelioma Race For Justice 5k. The inaugural event was held last year, so we are tremendously excited to be doing it again this year. As with anything, it’s always better and easier the second time around. We have more than tripled our sponsorship and our runners, so we expect a crowded field and a lot of prizes and fun. One of the best parts will be the money raised for the Mesothelioma Foundation, which raises money for research to help fight the cancer we see every day affect so many. They were our prime beneficiary last year and we’re happy to have them back as our main cause once again. In order to get ready for that race, we as a firm will also be participating in Race Judicata with the Chicago legal community the week prior to the Mesothelioma Race for Justice. Race Judicata benefits Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation, which ensures that all who need legal services are able to access them. This is our first year at this event and the team is really looking forward to it.

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