June 4, 2019 By Nicholas Vogelzang

From Lead Counsel: June 2019

It’s been an exciting month and I’m glad to be back after a professionally refreshing conference in Las Vegas hosted by the Hoffman Law Firm. The conference brings together plaintiff’s law firms representing asbestos victims. It’s an opportunity to exchange information and discuss trends in the law and the litigation generally. I also had the privilege of playing golf at Bali Hai on a hot and windy Tuesday in May with some of my fellow attorneys from the East Coast. We ended the conference with a fun concert by the pool featuring the DJ Alesso.. Daytime pool parties are definitely trending in sunny Las Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas, my father Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang, a Vegas native, visited town last week for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Chicago has a 10-year contract with this amazing group that descends on our city the first of June every year. My father and I were able to sit down and briefly discuss what ASCO has meant to him after 40 consecutive years of attendance and membership. We also shot a video where we talked about some of the new trends in cancer including, of course, immunotherapy, and how it is evolving to help mesothelioma patients. One of the things he said was that immunotherapy is not used as a first line treatment at this point, but it may be headed in that direction. For the time being, immunotherapy is the second line treatment after more traditional chemotherapy drugs have been used. Of course I’m not a doctor, so check out the video here to hear it from the doctor’s mouth.

As a law firm, we are kicking off our summer events, and that means golf outings and fundraisers, as always. We will be attending the Pinnacle Health Fair on Saturday, June 22.. In addition, the Roofer’s Cup on June 7 will benefit the Roofer’s Union and will be at Ruffled Feathers Golf Course. We are also attending Union 4 Life’s Sixth Annual Golf Outing for the first time which is a golfing fundraiser in Michigan benefiting breast cancer research for the University of Michigan. U of M has some fantastic oncologists that have really made tremendous progress in the fight against breast cancer. As a side note, the newest issue of my wife’s magazine Cancer Wellness comes out this week; be sure to order a copy here. This issue is even better than the last one, featuring some amazing survivor stories and two incredible dermatologists from Northwestern University focusing on oncology.

As for legal news, we will be taking expert depositions this month in North Carolina, Wisconsin, California, and several other states as we gear up for a big trial in July. We will also be tackling a couple of depositions for our clients with mesothelioma, including Jason DeJongh — whose asbestos exposure included asbestos insulation used in stage lighting — and Robert Iddins — who continues to work as an electrician despite his recent diagnosis.

Thanks for reading and for all the support. The newsletter readership has been growing in leaps and bounds, and we are excited to reach more people. Please feel free to comment, and don’t forget to tune in to our Facebook every Friday for our live video session where we address different legal topics and occasionally have special guests. Have a great summer!