Lead Counsel Nicholas Vogelzang
November 1, 2018 By Nicholas Vogelzang

From Lead Counsel: November 2018

Hello again readers,

I hope you have settled into fall and have taken at least one trip to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch this month. We had a great kickoff to our October in San Francisco where I was honored to speak at the Perrin National Asbestos Conference. Linnsey Perrin hosted about 1,000 attendees from both sides of the bar, including asbestos judges from across the country.  The presentations ranged from analyzing statistics — such as the number of asbestos cases filed and their average verdicts — to a mock trial for a mesothelioma victim exposed to talc. It was very informative and I hope to be back next year.

There have been a couple of large verdicts in the news lately. The first was a $6 million verdict in Cook County on October 11 on behalf of a deceased mesothelioma plaintiff. He alleged exposure to asbestos-containing gaskets. In addition, there was a $43 million verdict in Boston on behalf of a lung cancer victim who sued asbestos companies and tobacco company RJ Reynolds. The jury found negligence and fraud on behalf of RJR.

In mid-October, associate attorney Wyatt Berkover completed the deposition of Donald Bergren. Mr. Bergren was diagnosed with mesothelioma in the spring of 2018. He is a Navy veteran that served a boiler tender stationed on the USS Mississinewa.  After his honorable discharge, he worked several jobs that exposed him to asbestos, including work at a foundry and a powerhouse.

In addition to Mr. Bergren’s deposition, associate attorney Michael Maienza completed the deposition of Mary Miller this month. She was also recently diagnosed with mesothelioma and worked for many years with asbestos-containing paper in her job at an automotive factory outside of Chicago.  She sanded the asbestos paper and also cleaned out waste paper kicking up dust for many years that she breathed in. Ms. Miller recently went through pleurectomy, wherein the pleura around the lung is removed to eliminate the cancer. She is currently convalescing from that procedure and everyone at Vogelzang Law wishes her a speedy recovery.

Our firm added a new state to its roster last week as I was sworn in to the Iowa bar by Supreme Court Judge Thomas Waterman.  The firm looks to expand through Michigan and Iowa over the next several years. In addition, I’ll be sworn into Wisconsin to kick off November.

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween. Our seven-year-old son went as a ninja for the second year in a row and joined hundreds of other kids in the neighborhood terrorizing the neighbors and forcing them to hand over candy for free.

See you next month,