February 1, 2019 By Elizabeth Parrilli

Guest Blog: Elizabeth Parrilli, Public Relations Intern

During my first day at Vogelzang Law, I met with each member of the legal team to get a better idea of the firm’s goals and motivation. When I spoke with Lead Counsel Nick Vogelzang, he mentioned the commitment that everyone here has for their clients. “The firm has a positive atmosphere, but we know we have a high responsibility to help our clients. Everyone here is committed,” he said. He talked about how important for him it is to advocate for people, and how determined the firm is to make a difference in clients’ lives. I also spoke with associate attorney Wyatt Berkover, who also attested to the firm’s commitment to clients. “At Vogelzang Law, we are able to impact our clients lives and give support throughout this process,” he said.

On a different note, Chloe Morrison spoke about her responsibilities as a law clerk. “We have different tasks to complete based on which case we’re working with. It takes a lot of research for each case because they’re all different,” she said. Law clerks must be well-rounded and able to quickly familiarize themselves with the specifics of each client and the details of their case. Law clerks Joe Trunk and Daniel Flores both agreed that every day has a new and unique task to be completed. Joe talked about his hectic schedule with classes and work at the firm, saying, “Both are really important, so you just have to find your own balance and make sure you have enough time to dedicate to both”.

Mesothelioma isn’t a simple topic; it takes a lot of research, attention to detail, and commitment to adapt to each case. Not only does it require a time commitment, but an emotional commitment as well, something that pushes Vogelzang Law employees to bring their best efforts into each case they take on.