March 27, 2018 By Mirela Kopier

Team Vogelzang Law at Fight For Air Climb

On Sunday, March 11th, Team Vogelzang Law took part in the 2018 American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb at the Presidential Towers in Chicago. As the Public Relations Manager in charge of charity outreach, it was important for me to complete all four towers, which I achieved, yay! I am also happy to say that half of the Vogelzang Law team joined me in finishing all four towers including our own Director of Business Strategy, Caylei Vogelzang. The Fight for Air Climb is the ALA’s signature fundraising event every year. In the last several years the event has raised over $45 million dollars to support the work the American Lung Association does. This non-profit organization provides support and education for those living with a variety of lung diseases. As a huge legal and supportive advocate for our clients with Mesothelioma, a cancer of the lungs, Vogelzang Law was glad to raise money in support of lung health.

It was inspiring to see all types of athletes climb for such a great cause. One such athlete had my exact sentiments stating, “I would rather be running, this is hard!” I saw the agile youth leaping up each step, as they passed me. Additionally, a group of young women was discussing their plans for later in the evening or the plans they had the night before. Then there was an older gentleman with a headband on, moving at a slow, steady, methodical pace with a huge smile on his face; presumably, because he was halfway up the last tower. I knowingly spotted a group of women in my age bracket (40-49) who happened to be sharing my thoughts as they eagerly discussed the food and beverage indulgences they were planning on enjoying at Slightly Toasted, the great gastropub hosting the Post-Climb Party. However, the person who stood out the most was a woman who used her inhaler twice during the event. With the help of her asthma inhaler, she has graciously climbed all four towers each year for the past five years.

Vogelzang Law plans on coming out bigger and better for the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in 2019. As our clients’ illness, mesothelioma, is primarily lung-related, we are grateful to the efforts of the ALA to promote lung health by diligently committing their resources to the research initiatives of various health programs. I originally reached out to the ALA to find volunteer opportunities that our firm could participate in to support the dedicated work they do. When I spoke to the coordinator of special events at the ALA she informed me there was a law firm challenge for the climb. In the spirit of competition, I eagerly accepted on behalf of the firm. We anticipate many more partnerships with the ALA and look forward to having them participate in an informational table at our Mesothelioma Race for Justice 5K on September 22nd.

advocate for our clients with Mesothelioma

Mirela Stefanescu