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April 9, 2020 By Erika R. Whitehead

Introducing Vogelzang Law’s New Mesothelioma Support Group

Vogelzang Law is pleased to announce the launch of our newest Facebook group, the Mesothelioma Support Group. The Mesothelioma Support Group is one of three Vogelzang Law Facebook groups geared toward connecting members from the mesothelioma community. The goal of the new group is to provide trusted medical and legal information, as well as support to members seeking guidance.

The group will be moderated by Mirela Kopier, who is the firm’s Public Relations Manager and a Certified Cancer Wellness Coach. Kopier recently received her certification from the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education at

Group members can look forward to receiving a host of new and exciting information on the subject of holistic health, as well as different types of mesothelioma treatments. Additionally, group members will have the opportunity to get questions answered, find vital support, and learn how to become better health advocates for themselves.

“You know, you’re your best advocate,” Kopier said. “I truly believe that whether it’s cancer or anything, you really have to be your biggest advocate and do the research. Don’t take anything, whether it’s alternative therapies or traditional medicine, at face value. Ask questions and do the research. Just explore and see if there are other modalities that could help you out.”

Kopier was instrumental in creating the Mesothelioma Support Group due largely to her first-hand experience supporting her mother through a life-changing cancer diagnosis. Her mother declined to treat her cancer using traditional chemotherapy and radiation techniques, opting instead for a more holistic approach. 

“My mom was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer 15 years ago,” Kopier said. “She decided to embark on this journey of beating her cancer holistically, which is what she did. She went back into the doctor’s office about 18 months later and was in remission. She was cancer-free.”

Although Kopier can attest to the power of alternative therapies, she continues to urge everyone to use their best judgment and to do plenty of research on which therapies may work best for them. The goal for her is to introduce members to a new perspective.

“It’s so much more than just being about cancer,” Kopier said. “It’s really maybe helping someone go through the process a little bit easier.”

Whether you’re a victim of mesothelioma, a caretaker, a family or friend watching someone go through this unfortunate battle, or someone wanting more information, you are welcome to join the group. Log onto