Female Doctor giving intravenous drip treatment to a female patient
June 16, 2020 By Melissa Soria

New study shows that mesothelioma therapies are underutilized in women

A new study has found that #mesothelioma therapies are underutilized in women. A research team of specialists has uncovered a surprising underutilization of treatments for pleural mesothelioma cancer in women.

Women were 15% less likely to receive aggressive mesothelioma surgery that has proven its worth in extending lives for this cancer, which has no definitive cure. They also were 20% less likely to receive chemotherapy than were men.

“This is concerning, absolutely,” said Dr. Charles Simone, chief medical officer at the New York Proton Center. “We should be making sure that women are getting full access to the most advanced treatments, just as men are.”

The study was the largest, most robust analysis ever on the topic using a national hospital-based registry that included more than 18,000 patients. It was taken from the National Cancer Database.