May 2019

May 2019

Welcome back to spring and sunshine! I was lucky enough to go to Mexico with my wife and son for spring break and take a pause from the constant demands of legal work. I always try to leave the office at a reasonable time, but if I get past that challenge, the cases still have a way of creeping into my mind and lingering throughout the night. A week in the warmth and sun lets one really release from all of those thoughts and pressures and have a week to focus on mental and physical health. The good news is that I came back fully refreshed and ready to dig in to the exciting work in front of us in 2019.

I started my first day back with the difficult news of several clients passing. We lost Terry Steinberg and Ron Bialas within two days, and an additional brand new client, Herman Morgan, passed away right after we brought the lawsuit. Terry worked for the Illinois Department of Transportation and was exposed to asbestos while assisting with vehicle maintenance. Ron was a crane operator at Republic Steel and had just planned to move to Kankakee, but unfortunately his mesothelioma didn’t give him any more time. Ron was exposed to asbestos throughout the steel mill as asbestos was ubiquitous in the steel making process back in the 1960s and 1970s. We wish their families peace and solace during their mourning for two great men lost to this industrial cancer.

April was an extremely productive month as far as asbestos awareness, prevention, and cancer research. The first week of April marks National Asbestos Awareness Week. Mirela Stefanescu represented Vogelzang Law at the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation’s annual conference in Washington, D.C. during the last week of March. The following week, she attended the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization’s annual conference in our nation’s capital and marched in honor of our clients on Capitol Hill. She met many survivors, fighters, and caregivers, as well as medical professionals gathering together to do something about this ongoing tragedy affecting individual families across the country every day.

In the month of April we also finished the deposition of lifelong insulator Jim Gray. Jim worked around asbestos and cut through it as a daily activity in power houses, paper mills, and refineries. Jim’s health unfortunately declined rather quickly, but we were able to videotape him to get visual and written records of all the places he worked and all the exposures to asbestos he endured throughout his career.

We also completed the deposition of another client, Jim Battreal. Jim has been fighting mesothelioma for several months now and brings a real optimistic attitude to what can be a depressing situation. Jim worked with his hands most of his life and was exposed to asbestos in several different industries spanning decades. Wyatt and I had a good day with Jim last month, as seen in the photo above.

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Nicholas Vogelzang


Nicholas Vogelzang has tried numerous asbestos lawsuits on behalf of families stricken with mesothelioma, in both Cook County and Madison County, Illinois. During one of his first trials on behalf of Roby Whittington in 2003, Mr. Vogelzang and his team received the most significant asbestos verdict in Illinois history at $250,000,000.Since then, he has represented more than 200 families with every imaginable type of asbestos exposure throughout the country, resulting in more than 200 million in settlements and verdicts. In 2017, he represented a variety of workers diagnosed with mesothelioma. His clients included: a bricklayer from US Steel; an insulator from Hooker Chemical; a laborer from Union Carbide; a sheet metal worker from John Deere; a plastic worker from Batts Plastics; two employees from Borg Warner; and a Local 130 Chicago union plumber. Nicholas takes pride in personally getting to know each family by working with them to determine the source of the asbestos exposure.His clients for 2018 include: a sheet metal worker; a chemical engineer from Allied Chemical; a TWA airplane mechanic; the mother and husband of a Local 597 Chicago pipefitter; a residential and commercial plumber; a window glazier; a Local 17 asbestos insulator; the wife of a John Jay High School maintenance worker; a pipe fitter that worked at Bethlehem Steel and later Kroger Dairy; and two steelworkers from US Steel.Mr. Vogelzang dedicates himself to his craft, regularly appearing in court on behalf of his clients to argue motions against Fortune 500 companies and their national counsel. He continues his dedication to his clients by working with bright young associates that assist in every aspect of the litigation.

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