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An FAQ about mesothelioma litigation

Many companies have manufactured products containing asbestos and were often aware of its toxicity. Despite the dangers of asbestos exposure, some companies failed to warn their employees. As a result, employees who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of occupational asbestos exposure are entitled to seek legal compensation for their diagnosis.

When families are faced with a mesothelioma diagnosis, time is of the essence and decisions have to be made quickly. On average, our mesothelioma lawsuits settle in 9 to 12 months.

After contacting us and completing your free case evaluation online, we will set up an initial client meeting. Following the initial client meeting, our attorneys will begin working on your case by requesting medical records, conducting legal research and drafting a legal complaint on your behalf. Our attorneys will then file your complaint in court and request an expedited trial, allowing us to move forward quickly. If your case goes to trial, our team will pursue justice on your behalf and make sure that the company at fault takes responsibility for your asbestos exposure and injury. Finally, an asbestos trust paralegal will be assigned to your case to submit claims to qualified asbestos trusts on your behalf.

No, you do not have to appear in court. We pursue justice on your behalf and make sure that companies take responsibility for your exposure and injury. If you choose to attend your trial date in person, our extended team will be available to accompany you to court and offer support to you and your family however you need, including door-to-door transport.

Yes. Typically, you have one year from the date of death to bring a lawsuit.  You have two years from the date of a mesothelioma diagnosis. Some exceptions may apply.

The safety of our clients is a top priority for us, so we are not scheduling in-person meetings currently. To determine the eligibility of your mesothelioma case, we encourage you to fill out our free case evaluation form by clicking here. You can also give us a call at (888) 249-4834 to speak with one of our attorneys.If your case is eligible for legal compensation, we will provide you with an iPad containing all your digital paperwork. Using this iPad, you will be able to sign important documents electronically and send them back to us. We will communicate with you via video conference calls on your iPad, telephone calls and email. We will continue to offer COVID-19 updates on our website.

There is no cost to file your lawsuit. We do not collect legal fees until after a settlement is reached.

Although we understand a lawsuit and settlement will not cure mesothelioma or eliminate the unyielding physical, mental and emotional effects of such a diagnosis, a settlement can help to ease financial burdens on you or your loved ones.

Compensation is determined on a case-by-case basis. For a comprehensive list of our previous settlement values, please click here.

Asbestos was used in a substantial amount of industrial and household products over a significant period of time. We understand that you may not recall precisely when or how you were exposed to asbestos. A life and occupation analysis with one of our experienced attorneys can reveal patterns of prolonged exposure.