The majority of the case should be complete within one year.  There may be parts of the case that continue beyond that, but it will involve a very small amount of your time, if any.

Money is potentially available in bankruptcy trusts from former manufacturers of asbestos products.  Your individual case will be evaluated to determine if your case qualifies for any of this money.

We understand that you are dealing with a lot of medical issues and travel may be a burden for a variety of reasons.  We will gladly meet with you at your house, no court appearance will be required.

This case is filed on behalf of you and your family.  The case continues as long as there are heirs to the estate.  In cases where the client’s disease is progressing rapidly, we often videotape that client to preserve any necessary testimony. 

Yes.  Typically you have one year from the date of death bring a lawsuit.  You have two years from the date of a mesothelioma diagnosis.  Some exceptions apply.

Asbestos was in a shocking amount of materials.  Just because someone is unaware of their exposure, often times a complete life and occupational analysis will reveal some asbestos exposure.  This process needs to occur with an attorney experienced with asbestos exposures.

No money is required out of pocket at any time.  After you have met with an attorney for consultation and evaluation of the case, Vogelzang Law fronts all expenses of the lawsuit.  In addition, our fees will only be recovered from future settlements or verdicts.

We charge between 33.3% and 40% of any recovery depending on several factors and the complexity of the case.

This is highly dependent on the individual facts and circumstances of the case.  Should your case proceed, it will likely be brought against several large corporations for causing a very serious cancer.

No.  Your case is filed independently and it will be assigned it’s own trial date.

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