At Vogelzang Law, we represent and advocate for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer as a result of asbestos exposure. With over 20 years of experience in mesothelioma and asbestos litigation, we have the specialized knowledge and resources needed to litigate complicated cases and the compassion to advocate wholeheartedly for our clients.

As our client, you and your family will be served by our unified team through each phase of the litigation process. We understand the difficulties that come with a devastating asbestos-related diagnosis and our goal is to lessen your load by providing top-notch legal representation.

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  • What mesothelioma is
  • Who’s at risk
  • How asbestos litigation can help your family


Attorney Nicholas Vogelzang has a strong track record that proves his dedication to obtaining justice for victims of mesothelioma. This commitment is a family value passed down from the preeminent clinical oncologist, Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang, MD, FASCO, FACP, to his son, Nicholas Jr., the founder of Vogelzang Law.  As a boutique law firm with a family environment, this legacy is continued as the firm valiantly fights for injured victims and their families.

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At Vogelzang Law, we know that a mesothelioma diagnosis comes with many questions and much uncertainty about the future. Our staff has the specialized knowledge to handle the medical and legal complexities of our clients’ cases. Additionally, our relationship with leading mesothelioma oncologists around the country has allowed us to become very knowledgeable about what an individual and their loved ones can expect after receiving a diagnosis.

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Vogelzang Law strives to support the victims of asbestos exposure as well as the researchers and organizations fighting to find a cure. We dedicate ourselves to furthering mesothelioma research through annual contributions to select institutions like the University of Chicago’s Mesothelioma Program; organizations such as the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation and the International Mesothelioma Interest Group; and other charities. We are committed to a cure!

In tribute to National Mesothelioma Awareness Day, Vogelzang Law will host the first annual Race for Justice, a 5K race benefiting the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, on September 22, 2018. Learn more about the race and how you can register here!

Vogelzang Law is dedicated to furthering mesothelioma research through annual contributions to select institutions, foundations, interest groups, and charities.  We are committed to a cure!

We are a client-centered law firm based in Chicago defined by our commitment to our clients, their families and justice.



Mr. Vogelzang was excellent and informative. He was very personal with my case and did an excellent job. I am overall very pleased with the service I received and continue to receive years after my case has been settled.

The level of service my father and I received, concerning my father’s case was excellent! It was obvious from the start that Mr. Vogelzang is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience. He and his team addressed all of our questions/concerns in a very professional manner. He always kept us informed, and discussed each and every issue with the best possible solution. I would highly recommend Nicholas Vogelzang to anyone.

Nick Vogelzang is professional in every way, and he is able to combine the compassion and personal touch that is needed in difficult situations. His knowledge and attention to detail assured me I was in good hands. He and his staff made everything very convenient.. I highly recommend Nick Vogelzang without hesitation.

Nick helped me get through a very difficult time in my life and was able to secure funds for me that helps me day to day. In addition he reached out to out of state firms that helped in the process. I am still working with Nick today and highly endorse him to be your advocate.

Client Reviews

Vera Debolt
Vera Debolt
19:15 15 Aug 19
I think they did a wonderful job for us. They were extremely supportive throughout our journey. They went out of their way to keep in touch and make sure our family was OK after the case settled. Everyone at the law firm was very helpful. We were very pleased with the results.
Cathy Gray
Cathy Gray
16:19 07 Aug 19
We had no idea the process and all the people we worked with were very professional and very considerate to our situation. We worked with Nate Wallace the most and I really appreciated his concern for my husband as he went through the depositions. I wanted to make sure my husbands health and well being was first and Nate always was watchful for him. The whole team was very supportive throughout the whole time. I would highly recommend Vogelzang Law to anyone going through this type of cancer.
Marvin Alexander
Marvin Alexander
01:00 09 Mar 19
I can't say enough praise about Nick and his crew. Extremely supportive in your time of need. I couldn't believe how they really care and will do anything in thier power to help you. I have only had few experiences with attorney's in my 70 years on this earth and there is just no way you can compare him and his staff to any other in his profession. I feel if you chose any other attorney for Mesothelioma you are making the wrong decision. Many Thanks to them!!@
Robert Voss
Robert Voss
20:29 18 Feb 19
Nick and his staff were very kind to my family when my father was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Nick was always available anytime my mother and father had questions. Nicks firm is the best.
Greg Fordham
Greg Fordham
17:28 26 Jan 19
Vogelzang law firm and their employees are very passionate fighting asbestos exposer. My family and siblings are very appreciative to Nick and is group for what they done for us and will never forget that.
21:18 10 May 18
Mr. Vogelzang worked tirelessly for my Mother and Father during the latter's illness. Hid dedication and commitment were exceptional and only bested by his genuine care for my Father's condition and well-being. I strongly recommend that anyone who has a family member who has contracted Mesothelioma contact Mr. Vogelzang to represent them in their time of need.
R Richards
R Richards
16:40 19 Apr 18
My mom died of mesothelioma. Nick and his staff were very professional and helpful during this long legal process. Nick was very patient and took time to explain potential roadblocks and strategies to overcome them. Although we were clients, Nick made us feel like family. I was very satisfied with the result of the case. Nick is an intelligent and experienced attorney with a knowledgeable supporting staff.
03:24 19 Apr 18
Nick Vogelzang is a top attorney when it comes to representing victims of mesothelioma. We have lost my father a few years ago to mesothelioma, and, thanks to Nick Vogelzang, I know the things that would have made him happy would be to know the funds we received put both his grandchildren through expensive colleges (debt free) and will pay for his granddaughter's wedding (all this was with only a small portion of the money we received). I remember when my father was diagnosed, it was a shocker. He contacted his attorney friend and he recommended Nick Vogelzang. Nick was prompt, quick, considerate, professional, extremely courteous, and is a true gentleman. He has my highest recommendation.
Marla Hannon
Marla Hannon
19:23 18 Apr 18
My dad died of mesothelioma. He wasn't just our dad, he was the patriarch of our family and the loss was devastating. Every step of our journey as a family was taken with Nick and his entire staff. They knew what we were going through, they knew the depth of our pain and they knew the gravity of our tears. There was not one stone left unturned when it came to Nick and his staff being thorough and diligent. Nick visited our farm on several occasions and took the time to know the family. Nick and his staff surrounded us with respect and still comfort us till this day. The Law office of Nick Vogelzang will forever be an integral part in the fabric of our family and we are forever grateful. They climbed the mountain with us and helped us to the other side.
Lisa Esposito
Lisa Esposito
20:49 17 Apr 18
Nick and his firm became like family to us. They were extremely attentive to our needs and were so compassionate with regards to the situation were going through. They took time to explain all that was taking place and we felt like they were only a phone call away should we have any questions.
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