One Simple Action
Can change a life

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It is our honor to know and work with unions across the nation. Your fight is our fight, and we stand with you.

We have supported many unions across numerous industries. We are always hoping to support more.

Please contact us if your union members have been exposed to asbestos, silica, or other toxic environmental chemicals. We are here if you need us.

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Resources for the Cancer Community

cancer wellness

Cancer Wellness started as an idea to offer patients and their families a resource guide as they dealt with cancer. The idea evolved into a community of its own, supporting and offering education, hope, and compassion to the broader cancer community.

Cancer Wellness is proud to offer resources, research, and education on treatments and innovations, as well as guidance from cancer thrivers, survivors, and caregivers. 

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Driven by Commitment
to Our Community

Every year we have the opportunity to serve the wider cancer community with the Mesothelioma Race for Justice 5K, the VL Charity Golf Outing, and various other events around Chicago and the rest of the nation. 

The MRFJ 5K and the golf outing were founded as integral parts of our large-scale commitment to fueling cancer research. We proudly support the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, Gilda’s Club Chicago, The ALA Fight for Air Climb, and many other organizations dedicated to cancer education, research, and commitment to the cure.

Join us in the fight; we are stronger together. 

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Our Community Outreach Team

Mirela Koper is the powerhouse behind our community outreach. She is devoted to VL’s mission and embodies what we stand for. Her efforts have benefitted local and national organizations, funding research and supporting cancer thrivers, survivors, and caretakers.

Clare Fairbanks and Collin Hubbard round out the team, bringing compassion, dedication, and caring to every interaction with our valued union members.

Mirela Kopier

Mirela Kopier

Director of Public and Union Relations

Clare Fairbanks

Clare Fairbanks

Public & Union Relations Associate

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Community Matters

Vogelzang Law is committed to taking a holistic approach to client service. This means simply being there and hoping you never need to call us.

Our holistic focus encapsulates you, your loved ones, and the justice you deserve. You are more than all of that and deserve the chance to be heard. We take our role in the community seriously and have found new and exciting ways to give. The organizations we support are deeply aligned with our mission as we seek justice for those diagnosed with cancer due to asbestos exposure. 

Join us in our fight and support of all cancer thrivers and survivors.

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Looking to connect with the mesothelioma Community?

Consider joining our Mesothelioma Support Group.