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Vogelzang Law has the resources and experience of a large firm but remains dedicated to giving your case the personal attention that only our experienced attorneys can offer. We are fully committed to serving our clients suffering from asbestos-related diseases and obtaining the legal compensation they deserve. Your case will never be part of a class-action lawsuit, and you will never be treated like a case number.

Past Verdicts and Settlements*:

$5.63 million – Union Pipefitter

$3.63 million – Electrical Worker and Wife of an Insulator

$3.44 million – Carpenter

$2.93 million – Carpenter

$2.7 million – Union Laborer and Sander

$2.4 million – Union Sheet Metal Worker

$2.24 million – Residential Construction Laborer and Boiler Operator

$2.12 million – Union Pipefitter

$2.02 million – Residential Construction Laborer

$1.96 million – Wife of a Mechanic and Carpenter

$1.79 million – Navy Officer

$1.77 million – Union Steel Worker

$1.72 million – Wife of an Electrician and Printing Press Operator

$1.6 million – Union Plumber

$1.59 million – Sheet Metal Worker

$1.54 million – Shop Teacher and Pipefitter

$1.5 million – Automobile Manufacturer

$1.49 million – Sailor

$1.43 million – Daughter of Construction Laborer and Mechanic

$1.23 million – Bricklayer

$1.18 million – Miner and Wife of a Glass Factory Laborer

$1.15 million – Wife of a Union Painter, Sheet Metal Worker and Steel Worker

$1.21 million – Welder and Wife of an Electrician

$4 million – Union Bricklayer

$3.86 million – Inspector/Sander

$3.58 million – Tuckpointer and Sheet Metal Worker

$2.99 million – Steel Worker

$2.84 million – Bricklayer and Iron Worker

$2.5 million – Pipe-Insulator, Mechanic and Wife of a Sheet Metal Worker

$2.27 million – Plumber and Paper Sander

$2.23 million – Construction Worker and Commercial Electrician

$2.06 million – Electronics Engineer, Construction Laborer and Steelworker

$2 million – Construction Worker

$1.98 million – Construction Laborer, Chemical Worker and Daughter of a Steel Worker

$1.92 million – Residential Laborer and Sheet Metal Worker

$1.78 million – Printing Press Operator, Wife of a Steel Worker, Laborer in a Paper Mill and Manufacturing Laborer

$1.74 million – HVAC Laborer

$1.6 million – Truck Mechanic

$1.56 million – Construction Laborer

$1.54 million – Factory Laborer, Lodge Operator, Wife of a Shoe Manufacturer and Machinist

$1.5 million – Wholesale and Retail Salesman

$1.49 million – Construction Contractor, Wife of an Electrical Engineer and Residential Construction Laborer

$1.23 million – Carpenter and an Electrician’s Partner

$7.7 million – Union Pipefitter

*Previous results and settlements do not guarantee a similar outcome in your case. Each case is unique and is dependent upon the individual facts and legal issues involved.