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Vogelzang Law has the resources and experience of a large firm, but is dedicated to giving your case the personal attention that only our experienced firm can offer. We are fully committed to serving clients suffering from asbestos-related diseases and obtaining the legal compensation our clients deserve. Your case will never be part of a class-action lawsuit, and you will never be treated like a case number.

Past Verdicts and Settlements*:

$5.63 million – Union Pipe fitter

$3.63 million – Electrical Worker and Wife of an Insulator

$3.44 million – Carpenter

$2.93 million – Carpenter

$2.7 million – Union Laborer & Sander

$2.4 million – Union Sheet Metal Worker

$2.24 million – Residential Construction Laborer and Boiler Operator

$2.12 million – Union Pipefitter

$2.02 million – Residential Construction Laborer

$1.96 million – Wife of a Mechanic and a Carpenter

$1.79 million – Navy Officer

$1.77 million – Union Steel Worker

$1.72 million – Wife of an Electrician & a Printing Press Operator

$1.6 million – Union Plumber

$1.59 million – Sheet Metal Worker

$1.54 million – Shop Teacher and Pipefitter

$1.5 million – Automobile Manufacturing

$1.49 million – Sailor

$1.43 million – Daughter of Construction Laborers and a Mechanic

$1.23 million – Brick Layer

$1.18 million – Miner and the Wife of a Laborer in a Glass Factory

$1.15 million – Wife of a Union Painter, Sheet Metal Worker, and Steel Worker

$1.21 million – Welder and the Wife of an Electrician

$4 million – Union Brick Layer

$3.86 million – Inspector/Sander

$3.58 million – Tuckpointer and Sheet Metal Worker

$2.99 million – Steel Worker

$2.84 million – Bricklayer & Iron Worker

$2.5 million – Pipe-Insulator and Laborer, Mechanic, and Wife of Sheet Metal Worker

$2.27 million – for Plumber & Paper Sander

$2.23 million – Construction Worker and a Commercial Electrician

$2.06 million – Electronics Engineer & Construction Laborer and Steelworker

$2 million – Construction Worker

$1.98 million – Construction Laborer, Chemical Worker, & Daughter of a Steel Worker

$1.92 million – Residential Laborer and Sheet Metal Worker

$1.78 million – Printing Press Operator, Wife of a Steel Worker, Laborer in a Paper Mill, and a Manufacturing Laborer

$1.74 million – Laborer in HVAC work

$1.6 million – Truck Mechanic

$1.56 million – Construction Worker

$1.54 million – Factory Laborer, Operator of a Lodge, Wife of a Shoe Manufacturer, and Machinist

$1.5 million – Wholesale and Retail Salesman

$1.49 million – Construction Contractor, Wife of an Electrical Engineer, and Residential Construction Laborer

$1.23 million – Carpenter, and an Electrician’s Mate

*Please note that our firm’s past results do not guarantee that a similar outcome will be reached in your case. Each case is unique and it will be important to carefully review the individual facts and legal issues that are involved in your situation.