Dr. Vogelzang, MD, FASCO, FACP

Mesothelioma Specialist

Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang, MD, FASCO, FACP, dedicated his professional life to researching and treating rare forms of cancer. He revolutionized mesothelioma treatment by discovering the first life-extending treatment for the disease. This chemotherapy drug combination of ALIMTA and Cisplatin continues to be the standard of care today.

Dr. Vogelzang passed away in September 2022. He was truly a wonderful person and physician, transforming lives and giving hope to people all over the world. 

Dr. Vogelzang was a world-renowned oncologist in the field of mesothelioma

Dr. Vogelzang, MD, FASCO, FACP published over 100 articles on mesothelioma and was the co-author and co-editor of “Malignant Mesothelioma: Advances in Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Translational Therapies.” With hundreds of speaking engagements worldwide, he advocated advancing initiatives to eradicate mesothelioma.


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