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We believe in holding corporations accountable for the damage they have done to working Americans.

With this free book, learn about mesothelioma diagnosis, treatment options, coping and more, written by mesothelioma experts.

Marla H.
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"There was not one stone left unturned when it came to Nick and his staff being thorough and diligent."​
Charlotte C.
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"When dad became too ill to cooperate, Nick and his team traveled many miles and worked endless hours with a colleague of his, who gave depositions on his behalf."​
Eddie E.
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"I can just focus now on my health, because I know my legal team is fighting for me."​
Joni DJ.
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"Thank you all for your incredible hard work in the effort to bring some justice and relief to Jason’s illness. We have all felt supported and heard by you all."​
Lisa E.
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"Vogelzang Law took the time to explain all that was taking place and we felt like they were only a phone call away should we have any questions."​
Roxanne R.
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"Nick made us feel like family."​
Louis D.
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"I know the things that would have made my father happy would be to know the funds we received put both his Grandchildren through expensive colleges and will pay for his Granddaughter’s wedding."​
Arlene B.
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"It's wonderful people like you and staff that truly meant so much to us. If it wasn’t for your dedication and perseverance in fighting Meso, his suffering would have been in vain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."​


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Working with Mesothelioma Clients Since 2001

Vogelzang Law, a Chicago-based personal injury law firm, is dedicated to representing victims of mesothelioma throughout the United States. When families are faced with a mesothelioma diagnosis caused by asbestos exposure, time is of the essence and decisions have to be made quickly.

“We stand up for men and women from the workforce exposed to asbestos.  Our goal is to guide the client and their family through the path to justice and their new life post-diagnosis.  Our firm provides peace through strength during a very difficult time.”

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Should you file a lawsuit?

A lawsuit may not be right for every family.  Some families may not feel comfortable with the legal process.  At Vogelzang Law, we take great pride in making the process as easy as possible for our clients and their families.  With years of experience, our dedicated team will guide you and your family with open communication and transparency throughout the process.

Benefits of Filing a Lawsuit:

  • Financial Stability
  • Ease of Doing So
  • Accountability
  • Justice

Consult with our firm about your legal options.

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